Launchmetrics’ Cloud.

Build the brand performance you need
to stand out in the market

Connect your entire brand activity through the first Brand Performance Cloud for Fashion, Luxury and Beauty

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Get a 360-view of your activities to improve your brand performance

Measure, optimize and connect your brand initiatives with one complete Cloud that integrates software, industry data and the services you need to influence today’s modern consumer.


Plan your Strategy

Define the direction of your brand based on data-driven insights.

Create & Manage

Accelerate and optimize the use of your brand assets throughout your business.

Execute Brand Activations

Create impactful experiences to connect with your consumers.

Track & Benchmark

Understand how your brand performance evolves within the market and against your competitors.

Launchmetrics' Brand Performance Cloud

Launchmetrics' Brand Performance Cloud gives fashion, luxury, and beauty (FLB) executives the software, industry data, and services they need to improve their performance.


Best-in-Class FLB Data

Software solutions to Measure, Optimize and Connect your Brand Performance

A complete offer of professional services

Synchronize your entire business through one single SaaS platform

  • 100% Vertical. Data, software and expertise adapted to the needs of the fashion, luxury and beauty industry.
  • Unified Audience. Campaign activities and results managed through a single platform.
  • Scalable across teams and regions. Increase control, improve productivity and synchronize various teams through a unique software system.


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