Optimize the usage of your assets to increase productivity and reduce time-to-market

Brand asset management designed for the Fashion, Luxury and Beauty industries.

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Effectively manage the whole lifecycle of your brand assets

Centralized information

Leverage the capabilities of a single solution integrated across multiple departments to improve time-to-market.

Improved efficiency

Accelerate the production and movement of your digital assets, for greater productivity and generation of opportunities.

Performance visibility

Obtain data and information from your physical and digital assets that will allow you to redefine your business strategy.

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Streamline Sample Management workflow across departments

Implement a standarized tracking process that keeps consistent and updated information across all departments through barcodes or RFID tags. Quickly view inventories, deliveries, outstanding samples & team activity with interactive dashboards.


Maximize the usage and exposure of your digital assets

Create an online showroom that allows industry professionals to request samples, and download lookbook and product images. View and analyze the assets that resonate the most and maximize opportunities by showcasing to our GPS Radar Community of 50k+ industry insiders.


Seamlessly integrate the Launchmetrics' API with your Product Information System

Ensure consistent, reliable and real-time information across the product launch lifecycle and connect different Enterprise Information Systems to generate comprehensive product insights.


Professional Services to improve your sample workflow efficiency

Run a full audit of your processes, inventory systems and existing infrastructures. Achieve the best integration with your platforms, ensuring an optimized product lifecycle workflow and more effective use of your data.


“It’s simpler and more reliable to track samples through Launchmetrics Samples rather than solely relying on human information. Having a concrete paper trail and sample trafficking history streamlines the sample process in many ways. When sharing a limited sample set between departments, the more detailed information you have, the better.”

Grace Adams,
Public Relations Manager at Kate Spade New York

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